Vovoï's Swiss chocolate cake

Seconde recipe :)

Swiss Chocolate Cake, gâteaux suisses...
the recipe seemed alright, stiff eggwhites were promessfull :)

Compared to the first one, he is less creamy,
the chocolate/sugar quantities are different, less sugar, 
more chocolate, its tasting is lighter, 
it doesn't have the sugar crust either.
It's less dense and more crumbly because it has more flour than the other one (and more butter) 

It's a basic chocolate cake recipe, as we have all eaten at an anniversary when we were kids

My other half prefered the first one, 
I prefer this one, chocolate cakes are often heavy on my stomach, 
this one is exactly what I need :)

But why cake"s" ?
And why the Swiss origin ?
If you have an explanation... I've looked online but haven't found any !
   You will need :   
a half pound of 72% chocolate (250gr)
a half pound of sugar (240gr)
1 cup of flour (125gr)
1/2 cup of slightly melted butter (4.4oz / 125gr)
- 15 to 25 sec in the microwave -
3.4 fl. oz of water (10cL)
4 eggs

Turn on the oven at 350°F

Put the chocolate and the water to melt in a small casserole
- low/medium gas -
Reserve the eggwhites in the fridge and blend the yolks with the sugar until white
As soon as the chocolate has melted, add it to the yolks/sugar and blend it together
Pour the flour little by little by doing growing circular movements from the center of the bowl
with your wooden spoon
Add the slighlty melted butter and blend it for 5 to 6 minutes,
it should get a bit thicker and heavier to blend

Beat the eggwhites until real stiff and add them to your mix at the last minute, in 3 times
Blend them by cutting, and rising the dough, as if you wanted to close the chocolate on the eggwhites

Butter the cake pan"s", fill them and put in the oven
I would say to try in small cake pans (muffins pan ?) instead of a big one,

I did it with a cake pan of 8.6inches (22 cm), it cooked 30 minutes 
so it's one big swiss cake instead of many :)

Depending on your pan, the cooking time will change,
check the cooking by inserting a clean and smooth knife in the middle of the cake, 
if it comes out clean, it's cooked.

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