Banana Bread out of nowhere

2 bananas and a half, that's what was left after my sister in law came !
Ripe and black, I don't like bananas, but I still wanted to bake a banana bread.
In fact, a week before I had tried a recipe from a blog I like but it was a huge deception,
it happens and it won't stop me from picking more recipes from her blog !

Most of all, I don't like bananas, so I changed the recipe to adapt it to my taste.
I've went through a lot of different recipes. But with the basics, 
I made a version just for me and my strange taste in bananas.
It's a healthy one, and the result is exactly as I expected : soft, light, flavoured and healthy !

  Preparation    I was confident in my abilities, once you've missed the first one, the second one 
can't go much worse, right ? Really easy to make, don't overfill your pan and prefer a slow cooking 
to a fast one.

  Tasting    I really loved it, between the carrot bread and the healthy bread, this one is my favorite ! 
Still, I don't like ripe bananas and their smell !

  To conclude    I've bought more bananas, I'll add some zests, yogurt, bananas, chocolate ? 
Well I'll try other ones as soon as I find the time !

- drawing in the car, sorry for the shaking ! -

For 2 medium cakes, or one big pan
   You will need :   
3/4 lb of bananas (ripe)
- 3 medium or 2 big ones -
3.5oz whole wheat flour (100gr)
- little less than 1 cup -
5,3oz white flour (150gr)
 - 1 cup and 2tbsp -
1,5tbsp unsweetened cocoa
1/2tsp baking powder
1/2tsp baking soda
2 eggs
 2oz/60gr lowfat yogurt
1/4 cup +1tbsp orange juice (2.4fl.oz)
3 tbsp rhum-
1tsp vanilla extract
2,5tbsp blond sugar 

Preheat oven at 450°F
Chop bananas without miwing them too much, addd in rhum and vanilla.
Set aside.
\\ Don't use a blender, it's better with some pieces of bananas ! :) //
Whisk flours and powders with cocoa. Set aside.
\\ I pass it in a strainer to avoid balls of baking powder //

Whisk eggs and sugar until foamy
- 1 or 2 minutes -
Stir in orange juice and yogurt(image 1)
Stir in the banana mix (image 2)
Pour the flour little by little, stir until smooth but don't knead it too much.
Pour it in your buttered and floured pan.
Fill it by half
Pur in the oven, change the temperature to 350°F and bake for 50 minutes or so.
Turn of, and let it dry a bit in opened-oven 20 minutes.
Turn out when it's at room temperature.

To serve for breakfast or teatime, with milk honey, butter or just as it is !