Crème anglaise - Light custard

In the basics family, here comes the crème anglaise ! (english cream)

A little sweetness for you, your guests and your desserts
(chocolate, fruits... everything actually) Its vanilla touch goes with everything...
I've put some in my yogurt and fresh berries this morning.... :p

For a correct amount (6 to 8 servings)
It takes around 20 minutes to make

  You will need :   
3 egg yolks
0.4 cup of sugar (3.2 oz. / 90gr)
- I put 1/3 cup of regular and 1 pack of vanilla sugar (12gr) -
10 fl oz. of milk (30cL)
- 2% reduced fat milk -
 2 fl oz. of heavy whipping cream (6cL)
1/2 vanilla bean, opened and grated
- or 2 tsp. vanilla extract -

In a wet casserole,
- so the milk won't stick the inner surface -
Put the milk, the cream and the vanilla bean/extract 
- that you have grated inside the milk of course -
Put it on medium/high temperature, until it boils
In the meantime, put the yolks and the sugar in a medium bowl and beat it until it gets creamy and white

Once the milk/cream is starting to boil, remove the vanilla bean,
 and pour the milk in the egg/sugar bowl, mix it
Once it's homogeneous, put everything back in the casserole on medium temperature
And mix it non-stop for 5 minutes with a wooden spoon
- it must not boil, or stick/cook on the inner surface, that's why it's important to mix it and keep it smooth -
After 5 minutes, it will be a bit thicker,
and you can pour it in a bowl while filtering it
Let it cool down
You can't keep it a long time in the fridge, so enjoy it :)

- on a chocolate cake topped with a raspberrie :) -

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