PPoppy Why ?

The cookbook of my great-grand-mother, Vovoï came in my possession, it's the start of that project, I'll regularly share some of those old-fashioned french recipes with you. (And it will cheer me to test them :p) 

Simplicity of french cooking, or all its subtility ;)

This blog is the first step of a project I want to realize for almost two years: realize my own cookbook. I would like it to be the keeper of all the traditional recipes we can use daily and that are easily forgettable.
It also allows me to share my own recipes, some tricks I've found, and my love of good cooking :)

I want to show you how to use and master the basics 
to cook creatively on your own... 
Art works just the same !

Simple recipes, that can be used and reused in a new way...
I'll start with those basic recipes, and then start to use them in different ways.

Drawings will come and find a place among photos, on photos, I have huge expectations from this blog. I hope I'll be useful, and that people will cheer me up :) 

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  1. Your grand mother cook book.. fantastic! what a gift! such a big treasure!! thank you for sharing those recipes with us!!!