First recipe of a creamy chocolate cake

Cake #1

This is the one I've tried this week-end, according to my other half, it's really (really) good
- he is a huge fan of chocolate -

It has to be done in a flat pan, like a pie or a brownie pan. 
It's indeed a brownie style chocolate cake ! 

      You will need :     
4.4oz of chocolate 60 to 70% (125gr )
1/2 cup  of sugar (4.4 oz / 125gr) 
2tbsp of flour
4tbsp of butter (2.1oz / 60gr )
3 eggs

Turn the oven on 280°F
Separe white and yolk eggs, and reserve the whites in the fridge
Melt the chocolate with the dice butter in a small casserole,
when it's homogeneuous, pour in a bowl
add the yolk eggs, mix
add the sugar, mix
add the flour little by little while mixing

You will have a dense dough, that's normal
Beat the eggwhites until stiff with a pinch of salt

This cake has a light crust/toffy outside, butter your pan and put white granulated sugar in it,
make it turn/shake the pan so it will stick on the butter everywhere, 
remove the excess sugar by shaking it over the sink.
- this technique also exists with butter+flour, to avoid the cake stuck in the pan - 

When the oven and your pan is ready, 
add the eggwhites to your chocolate dough, in 3 or 4 times.
Put it straight in the pan and in the oven for 35 minutes

Check the cooking by inserting a clean and smooth knife in the middle of the cake 
- it must come out clean -
Remove of the pan once it cooled a bit 
- it's rectracting -

With a crème anglaise, I love it too ;)

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