Pâte Sablée - Cookie Dough

I use that dough for cream tarts, chocolate tarts, cookies... I love it just like that with a different flavor every time. It goes perfectly with a tea, coffee, or a cream/ice cream. Hard to stop when you start eating one!

For 400gr of pâte sablée (14oz)

trick - cut it in half to make two flavor !

1 egg
1/2 cup of white sugar (4,4 oz / 125gr)
2 cup of flour (8,8 oz / 250gr )
1/2 cup of butter (4,4 oz /125gr )
a hint of salt (3gr)

In a recipient, put the egg, the salt and the sugar.
With a wooden spoon, mix it until it's white and creamy

Add all the flour and mix it with the spoon until it gets into the dough.
With your fingers, turn the dough into sand by rubbing it smoothly between your fingers.
Once it's sandy, put it aside and take some to push on the butter. With the top of your finger, carefully, add little by littl the sandy dough in the butter. It has to stay firm.

When you're done, take the dough and drop it,
- she is jumpin' ! -
on your floured work table a few times,
to make it perfectly "pétrie" and homogene.

Once it's perfect, you can flatten it so it reaches a thickness of 2 to 4 mm

To make a chocolate dough as I use for the chocolate tart or the following cookies, add unsweetened cacao to the flour (1,4 oz)

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