Pâte à choux - Cream puff dough

Little puff, a lot of little puffs ! That you can fill of cream, jam, chocolate, ice cream... 
you can make desserts, salted apetizer and many more things ! One of the basic recipes in France.

Here is the main recipe for  more or less twenty little puffs

3,3 fl oz. of milk (10cL)
2 fl oz of water (6cL)
1/4 cup of butter (2oz / 60gr)
1/2 + cup of flour (2.65oz / 75gr) 
3 eggs
a hint of salt

Put in a pan the milk, the water, the butter in pieces and the salt
- for a dessert use, add 1sp. of white sugar, and drops of vanilla  -
Stay close, as soon as the boiling starts,
remove the pan from the heat, and put the flour all at once.
Start mixing with a wooden spoon with energy
and put in pack on the heat, at medium/high temperature

The flour must be in really quickly
and keep mixing for a few minutes, do not stop, you have to make the dough "work"
When the dough is ready, she will be slightly yellow, and it doesn't stick at all in the pan
You can then put it in a bowl, and add the eggs one by one.
They may seem hard to mix in the dough, but keep mixing after each one, 
you will have a really soft dough.

- This is where the Gougère recipe intervenes -

Turn on the oven at 450°F

On a cooking tray, put some was paper, and make small peaks of a nut size with the dough,
use two teaspoon to do it, space them of ~1.6 inch
Help the sides of the peaks so they stay round, not flat

Put in the oven 5 minutes,
then lower the temperature at 400°F for ten more 10 minutes
Finally, turn the oven off and let it 2/3 opened ten more minutes 

Total : 25 minutes in the oven, just to get prepared for the second row !

- Here they are, ready to be filled or eaten :p -

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