Soft Savoy Cake with lemon and Almonds

I'm discovering new recipes in Vovoi's cookbook, this one is a pleasant surprise !
It's named "fondant", like soft and tender but it has nothing to do with the usual chocolate fondant. 
It's really light, a bit dry but so soft it melts in your mouth.
There is no butter in it but "crème fraîche" I used table cream.

With that soft texture goes a delicious crust of roasted sliced almonds, I had never tried it, it's really good :)

I liked it so much I did it again the day after at another flavour : orange instead of lemon, I liked it both, maybe a slight preference for lemon !

- orange -

A savarin mold seemed perfect but it can be baked in a round cake pan too.
The cake rises well while cooking, it creates a canyon in the middle
By turning it out, you can see the almonds, that's why I liked the savarin mold. With a round cake pan, you can't show the bottom (it rised too much)

- lemon -

For 8 people

   You will need :   
2 eggs
8 oz of sugar (1 cup / 225g)
5.3 oz of flour (1 1/6cup / 150gr)
6Tbsp of table cream
- around 4.4 oz -
1 organic lemon
- or an orange if you want to try ;) -
sliced almonds

Turn your oven on at 375°F
Butter your mold generously, including the edges
Spread sliced almonds all over it, and shake the mold to make it stick everywhere, including the edges.

Beat in a bowl the eggs with the sugar for at least 4 minutes, you can use an electric beater
you must obtain a white and liquid cream

Add the grated lemon zest
Add the flour little by little by stirring from the center
Finally, add the table cream

Pour delicatly in your mold to keep the almonds in place,
put in the oven for 30 minutes or so
- metallic mold : 25 to 35 minutes -
- glass mold : 30 to 40 minutes -
- It may be longer in a silicon mold -
Check the cooking by inserting a clean knife in the middle of the cake,
if it comes out clean, it's cooked !

Turn out when tepid
Eat when cooled

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  1. Superbe et délicieux gâteau d'une grande finesse de pâte et de saveurs !