Classic madeleine with no baking powder

Other flavour : vanilla and apricot >here<

A real treat... I often use madeleines in my drawings, their unusual shape give them such a personality, they are also really cute, really tasty, soft, with a hint of lemon, slightly crusty on the edge but buttery inside... should I say I love them ?
The secret of the madeleine is the resting of the dough, otherwise it won't rise up
It doesn't need baking powder !

- There was two recipe in the cookbook, I chose the left one, the right one would'nt be as good -

For around 16 regular-sized madeleines

2 big eggs
 0.6 cup of white sugar (5.3oz / 150gr)
1/2 cup of melted butter (4.4 oz / 125gr)
1.1 cup of flour (5.3 oz / 150 gr)
The shredded zest of a yellow lemon
- baking powder is not needed, if you put 1tsp, it will be lighter, that's all and the bump won't be as cute -

Turn on the oven at 430°F

Mix the eggs and sugar to obtain a white, foamy, soft cream,
 - you have to mix it at least 4 minutes -

Add slowly the flour by doing small circular movements with a wooden spoon,
- + baking powder if there is -
Add the melted butter, keep the dough light, vertical movements instead of horizontal ones
- still warm -
Add the lemon zest and mix again carefully

Do not mix it too much, once it's smooth, stop touching it, 
otherwise the madeleines will harden and won't rise that well
Let the dough rest a bit 
- not in the fridge, 25/30 minutes or so -

Put the dough in buttered madeleine pans 
- if they are not silicones -
Don't fill them completely 

 Leave it 7 minutes, then turn down the oven at 300°F and let it bake 3 to 4 more minutes
 If they are golden with a big hump, it's perfect, 
if they are too white, leave it one more minute
Depending if you have a metallic mold or a silicone one, you have to adapt the cooking time

- Yes you will feel the need to check how they are doing in there ! -
And they rised up well :D !

- mini-madeleines in silicon mold -

Let me know if you try :) You can change the lemon flavor with orange, vanilla, chocolate, add spices... I'll come to that in another post, after all the basics will be posted :)

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