Crème pâtissière - French pastry cream

As I announced, here comes the recipe of the second famous cream !

The creme patissiere is considered "cooked", compared to the creme anglaise, it's thicker, creamier.
You can spread it on tarts... it kind of has the same consistency as mayonnaise.

It's also useful in recipe like the gâteau basque, the frangipane, or the chocolate puff (éclair au chocolat) etc. It can be vanilla, lemon, chocolate, coffee.... flavoured 

I will give you the classic vanilla recipe that you can use for a fruit tart for example !

For a big pie, multiply it so you will use 5 or 6 egg yolks. (Twice more than what I've written)

   You will need :   
For 3 egg yolks,
8.5 fl oz. of milk (25cL)
2 tbsp. of cooking starch
3tbsp of sugar
1/2 vanilla pod

Put you milk to boil in a wet casserole with the grated vanilla pod
Work in a bowl the sugar with the eggyolks until white and foamy
Then add the starch in it and mix it well

Verse the boiling milk in that bowl
- after removing the vanilla pod -

Mix a bit and put verything back in the casserole,
let it cook while mixing whith a whisk,
let it 2 minutes while boiling,
medium temperature once it boils
- still mixing it with your whisk -
Never stop mixing 
- Be careful it's not cooking on the inner surface, grate everywhere -

Let it get cooler in a bowl, covered with a plastic film 
or with powdered sugar to avoid a crust

You can spread it on your tart (pre-cooked, shortcrust or cookie dough)
You can keep it 3 to 4 days in the fridge

- on the picture above, it's a vanilla shortcrust dough -
- don't put too much cream ;) -

For a chocolate cream, you can add 4oz of chocolate to melt in the milk
For a coffee one, add 1tsp of coffee extract in the milk.

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