Halloween recipe, a soft and tender pain d'épice (gingerbread)

Le Pain d'épices from Vovoi's cookbook :) Special Halloween season recipe !

It's a pretty classic cake, especially around halloween time ! The warmness of the mild spices as honey, anis and ginger are perfect for the autumn when the weathr gets cooler.
 I had never made one before, I thought I didn't like it, obviously I was wrong !
It's a light recipe, with no butter 

The cake is soft and tender, really tasty and smells really good.
I love it with my caffeine free tea, the honey has a lot of charm, and it mostly tastes like honey :)

The dough has to rest 1 hour, but beside that it's really quick-made cake, 5 minutes top.

For one big cake pan or two small ones :

  You will need :   
8.5 oz of flour (less than 2 cup / 240gr)
1tsp of baking soda
1/2 cup of white sugar (4.2 oz / 120gr)
4.4 fl oz. of milk (12 à 14cL)
- I've put whole milk -
1.4 to 1.8 oz of honey ( 2 big tbsp / 40 à 50gr)
1 big pinch of anis
a hint of ginger

In a bowl, put the flour, the sugar th baking soda and the milk,
blend it with a wooden spoon, cover with a wet napkin and let it rest for 1h

After 1 hour, turn on the oven at 275°F,
Add the hony and the spices, mix
Butter the cake pan, if it's a metallic one (non-silicone) butter & flour it

Fill the cakepan by half and put in the oven
It will double its size, the middle of th cake will rise at the end of the cooking.

It took mine 35/40 minutes of cooking, in 2 small silicones cake pan.
For metallic cakepans, it will be quicker, check the cooking after 25 minutes 
by inserting a clean and smooth knife in the middle, it has to go out clean.

For one big cakepan, it can be slower (like 50 minutes) 
you will have to check every 5 minutes after 30 minutes of cooking.

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