Coconut Macaron, Christophe Felder's recipe

I was looking for macaron recipes... my first try was the Pierre Hermé's macarons, delicious but their shape was not perfect ! I still have to work on them :)

In Christophe Felder's "Exquises pâtisseries pour les fêtes"
He proposes these coconut macarons.

  Preparation    Really quick and easy, in 20 minutes top they are out of the oven, already cooling down to be eaten !

  Tasting    So good ! You can fill them like usual macarons with a custard, but they are also delicious by themselves. Moisty, and chewy and coconutty :)

  To conclude    My mum and I loved them, they were all eaten in on evening !

For 3 dozen of macarons
  You will need :   
7.8 oz (220gr) shredded sweetened coconut
1/2 cup white sugar (3.5oz/100gr)
1/2tsp baking powder
2 eggs
1/2 cup vegetable oil (3.4fl.oz./10cL)
5tbsp powdered sugar
 + cooking spray

Preheat the oven at 360°F
In a bowl, stirr all ingredients but powdered sugar,
Mix 1 or 2 minute until a bit foamy
Use a cooking spray on your cooking tray or use a parchment paper to cover it

Pour powdered sugar in a bowl and drop a small golfball-size of dough in it, 
roll it in sugar until covered. 
\\ Use a spoon to drop it in it, the batter is too moisty to handle by hand //
 Make a ball by hand, reroll in the powdered sugar and place it on your cooking tray.
Place each macaron 2 inch apart

Bake 12 minutes to 15 minutes until golden and cracked.

Cool on a wire rack for 20 minutes before tasting
These macarons are better when fresh, the day they are made
If you're less than 5 to eat them, divide all proportions by 2 !


Vanilla rice pudding - Creamy rice

Another classic recipe !
I followed Françoise Bernard's advice but I made my own mix of ingredients !
As a result, it's really creamy, sweet and tasty rice pudding, 
especially with a spoon of quince jam on the top :)

Serves 6
   You will need :   
7oz. / 200gr pearl rice, arborio rice
- I used the same rice as for sushis -
3 2/3 cups fresh milk (30.4 fl.oz/90cL)
3tsp vanilla extract or a vanilla bean grated
1/3 cup + 2tbsp white sugar (2.5 oz/70gr)
1tbsp of butter

To serve
Jam from a citrus fruit :)

Precook the rice
Rinse the rice until water is clear
Bring to a boil in a saucepan full of water with 1 pinch of salt.
Let it boil 5 minutes, turn the stove off and drain the rice.

Preparing the rice pudding
Pour in a wet saucepan the milk, the vanilla, the sugar and the drained rice.
Cover and let it cook at low heat until almost totally absorbed by the rice.
It takes 40 minutes or so. Stirr a few times while cooking.
After 40 minutes, turn the stove off, stirr in the sugar and the butter.
Pour in ramequins or any dish you prefer, cover with a plastic film.
Refrigerate 2 hours before serving

- well, try to refrigerate :) -

Serve when cooled, nature or wih a jam, a syrup... etc.