Financier recipe, classic french almond cake and marbled one

The financier... I actually think it's my favourite cake of all,
with a tea or a coffee or for a snack in the afternoon. It's an amazing cake.
Made with eggwhites and almond powder,
there is no more "what to do with eggwhites ?" obviously, a financier cake !

His name comes from its shape of a gold bar,
swiss Chefs took the recipe and gave it this original shape and name.
It really suits that cake :)

It has a thin gold crust outside and a tender almond taste inside. 
Its texture is unique, this cake is fresh and surprising.
The financier will rise a bit during cooking, it may also break on the top just like madeleines

I have individual molds in silicone, but I used some big brownie pans, and then cut it in squares.
The recipe is the one I took from my mom's cookbook a few years ago, I may have changed it a bit since but I don't remember ! This is the one I use.

For around 10 individual financiers (~4inch x 1.6inch)

   You will need :   
3 eggwhites
3.9 oz of white sugar (110gr)
2.5 oz of grounded almond powder (70gr) 
4tbsp of slightly melted butter (2.1 oz / 60gr)
- in a casserole to reach hazelnut shade, without too much cooking -
1.6 oz of flour (45gr)
 1tsp of apricot marmelade
- I don't always put some, just when I have some -

Mix with a fork or a whisk eggwhites and sugar for 1 minute
- and apricot marmelade if you have -
Add the almond powder, mix with a wooden spoon, then add the slightly melted butter
- that you've put in a casserole or in the microwave to melt it gently, without cooking -
It has to be smooth and homogeneous
Add the flour little by little by doing growing circular movements from the center of the bowl

Turn on the oven at 450°F
Let the dough rest in the bowl for 10 minutes
- if you put it in the oven when really hot, it helps the contrast crust outside/soft inside -
After 10 minutes, put it in your mold/cakepan, almost full
- butter them if they are not in silicon -

Put in the oven at medium high and turn down the oven at 350°F
Let it cook 25 minutes
Depending on your mold, it can go to 35 minutes of cooking

One more time, metallic molds are quicker to cook the cake, so be aware.
They have to be real gold, especially on the edges

Turn out the cakes when it got a bit cooler
- exterior gets harder, so it's easier to turn them out -
They are better the day you made them, don't try to keep them a long time !



   To make the marbled one :   
Before adding the flour, cut your dough in half, in the first one, 
add 5tsp of unsweetened cocoa, and 0.7 oz of flour (20gr)
- it will be a bit thicker -
and in the second one, add 0.7oz of flour

When you will fill up th molds, pour at th same time the cocoa and the regular one,
by the separation half/half on the longest side
- 2 long lines -

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