Regular cookies, flavoured cookies ready to eat

A lot a lot a lof of little cookies !

Lemon and poppyseed (Poppy!) 
- vanilla flavoured -

This is today's sweetness, I had in the freezer a half-cookie dough waiting to be used
I've cut it in four and made 4 kind of cookies to go with my crème patissière 
- the recipe will be here soon -

You can see the different flavours right here !

   You will need :   
- that I gave you already -
a frozen orange
- mise au congelateur -
poppy seeds and a lemon
unsweetened cocoa

Turn on the oven at 300°F
For the poppyseed + lemon flavoured, the easiest way is to add 1 tbsp of poppyseed in the flour, and some lemon juice with the egg.
For the orange flavoured ones, take the frozen orange and once your dough is done, grate the zest on the dough, mix it a bit and flatten the dough, it goes straight in the oven
For the chocolate ones, add the cocoa with the flour
For the marbled one, use the rest of the regular dough and what's left of the cocoa one, fold them together twice and flatten the dough.

Otherwise, you can add everything at the end, once your dough has been reserved in the fridge a bit. 
But you will probably need to add more flour when working the dough, otherwise it will stick on your hands and on the table. (especially the poppyseed-lemon one)

Flatten the dough to reach  3 à 4mm thick (0.1 to 0.15 inch), 
put in the oven on a tray for 13 to 18 minutes, 
depending on your cooking time preferences !

You cant taste them warm, just as they are, or with cream, yogourt, ice cream, a hot drink....

Out of butter already ?!

Oh, sure... that's why they are so good !

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