Thin Apple Tart - French Apple Pie

A French classic recipe : "Tarte fine aux pommes" = Thin apple tart
The Tarte fine is made with really thin slices of fruit, 
you could make some with pear or apricot but the most famous one is the apple tart.
Being so thin makes it evenly cooked, being golden but not black 
and creates a beautiful pattern on the tart.
You can make one with a Puff dough or a Cookie dough as you prefer.
It can be flavoured with cinnamon and served with whipped cream or a vanilla ice cream.

  Preparation    Slicing the apples takes some time, making a home-made dough too. Beside that if everything is well explained, it's easy and it's really quick to bake.

  Tasting    Amazing, so thin and crusty with the dough, tender and sweet.

  To conclude    It's a classic you are sure everybody will love it. You won't take any risk doing that recipe, it's an universal one !

For a 9inch tart or 4 small individual tarts.

   You will need :   
Add 1/2 tsp of vanilla exract in it
- with the water, in the four -
5 or 6 apples
- golden, braeburn, boskop... -

Dark brown sugar, cinammon, vanilla...

For a syrup
I baked mine with a little syrup in the oven
Stir 4tbsp of powdered sugar in 6tbsp of water and 1tsp of vanilla extract
I poured the half during the cooking and the other half at the end.
- my father doesn't like cinammon, so I wanted to add some vanilla :) -

Turn the oven on at 440°F

Prepare the dough
Flatten your dough : 0.1 inch thick (2 to 3 mm)
Cut the extremity in a circular shape with a clean and smooth knife so the dough will rise well.

Using the opposite side of a knife-blade. Draw a circle on the dough at 0.7 inch (2cm) from the edges.
This will show the limit to place the apples and will make the dough rise mostly on the edges.
Set aside in the fridge.

Prepare the apples
Rinse and peel your apples, cut them in halves and remove the seeds with a spoon or a small knife.

To keep a nice shape, cut them in thin slices in the height, not in their width. 
Place them on the dough, without separating them from each other. 
Start by putting them as an outer circle, going one way (let's say clokwise) then, do an inner circle going counterclockwise. Fill your pie with those circles of apples, keeping them pretty tight but flat.
For a small pie : 2 half circle going clockwise, and counterclokwise, meeting in the center.

Use the small pieces of apple to fill the middle or the small holes.

Spread some dark brown sugar on the top and bake 30 to 40 minutes
After 15 minutes, Pour some syrup on it

If the extremity of an apple starts to darken, use a knife to flatten it.

- here, I had to flatten thatpiece of apple -

You can easily let oit bake a few more minutes to be sure your dough is well cooked
When out of the oven, spread some more sugar, cinammon and serve with syrup, 
vanilla ice cream or whipped cream !

This tart has to be eaten the day it's baked OR on the morrow, 
put it back in the oven at 300°F for 5 to 10 minutes.

- Keep cooking my child, what's next  ? -

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