Chocolate sweets

An easy and quick recipe, it reminds me of chocolate "Charlotte"
Vovoi has a lot of sweets and candy style recipe in her cookbook.

But this is more a cake than a sweet, they are easily sliced and eatable by hands though.
It doesn't need to be cooked.
Biscuits have a rhum syrup in them, the inside is a chocolate mousse.
Alcool is pretty strong, it's not a recipe for children ;)

The cake has to be made the day before
For 6 to 8 people

   You will need :   
 4.2 oz of solft lady finger (120gr) 
4.2 oz of dark chocolate (120gr)
3.2 oz of butter (90gr)
3 eggs

For the syrup
2.1 oz of sugar (60gr) de sucre
- 12 squares, I think it's a bit too much -
- I've put only ten,1.8oz (50gr) - 
3tbsp of rhum
2.4 fl oz.

1 large pan or dish, 3inch hight

Make the chocolate mousse
Separe yolks and eggwhites, keep your eggwhites with a pinch of salt in the fridge.
Put the chocolate in a casserole on low heat, make it melt with 1tbsp of water
When the chocolate is half-melted, add the butter,
Let it melt at low heat, stirring until smooth and homogeneous

When it's the right consistency (as on the picture), pour it in a bowl and add the yolks one by one
Stir well after each one
Beat the eggwhites until stiff and add them to that mix
- but cutting, rising, not squeezing them, use a spatula -
If you want to put a frosting, keep some of the chocolate cream before adding the eggwhites.

Making the syrup
Melt the sugar with the water in a casserole on low heat
It takes approximatively 7 minutes, then add the rhum
Stir it and pour it in a plate with edges

Put the soft lady fingers in it
-  3 to 4 seconds on each side -
Place one layer of biscuits, then a layer of mousse, another layer of biscuit
Depending on your dish/mold, display them as you want

I made it in a silicone mold, it allowd me to turn it out easily

The frosting
 Vovoi says to frost it with the chocolate cream you have kept (before adding the eggwhites), use a spatula or a flat tool to cover your cake with it

Enjoy :) 

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