Pain de Gêne, Almond Bread !

Think almond cream, frangipane... oh my god this cake is sooo good :)

evrybody agreed :
" This cake si soooo good ! "

For 8 to 10 people
   Il vous faut :   
0,5lb of almond powder/ground almond
0,5 lb of white sugar
1.2 oz of butter (120gr)
4 eggs
3.5 oz of flour (100gr) de farine
3 tsp of kirsch

- more almonds ! -

Turn on the oven at 450°F
Melt the butter in a casserole on low heat, it must be tepid, not hot
Stir the grounded almonds with the sugar,
do a well in it and add the beaten eggs, 
stir it with a wooden spoon from the center of the bowl
stir in the melted butter
Add the flour, stir it by hand
At the end, stir in the kirsch

Pour in a buttered pan or with parchment paper
Put in the oven and change the settings to 370°F
Vovoi says 40 minutes cooking, but it took me 1h20 in a silicone mold...
It was a pretty thick mold

Take a regulat meat loaf pan :)

By using so much almond powder, I'll have to bring back some more from France ! :)
It's kinda hard to find here, but I saw an "almond meal" that looked like it at Trader's Joe, it might be interesting to check it out.

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