Tuiles - Almond biscuit

This morning I heard the news : a couple of skydiver having sex while jumping,
A video was shown... amazing to hear something like that on the news !
Well it made me laugh, poor couple :) 
I was actually thinking of doing a drawing of skydiving with a tuile as a parachute,

It seems even more appropriate ...

- with the tuiles recipe -

The "tuiles", are commonly almond flavoured 
- as shown above -

They are delicious with an icecream,
and a good way to use eggwhites
Really crusty, with a nice taste of sugar

Here is Vovoï's recipe

   You will need :   
1 eggwhite or 3tbsp. of heavy whipping cream
1.5oz of white sugar (40gr)
a small 1/4 cup of flour (1oz/30gr)
3tbsp of sliced almonds
A frozen orange

Turn on the oven at 430°F
Mix the cream with the sugar, it has to be a bit foamy,
- or the eggwhite -
then you can add the flour, 
When you have a nice and creamy mix, add small and thin slices of the frozen orange
To finish, add the sliced almonds, and mix carefully so they won't break too much

Prepare a parchment paper on your tray, and put a nutsize of that preparation for each tuile,
Use a fork to flatten it as much as you can, using the almonds to make it flatter

The almonds allows them to be flat, otherwise they would be biscuits.

- I had some issues at first, Vovoï didn't say to put any almonds in it -

Put them in the oven for 15 minutes, they have to be gold everywhere
Then, use a spatula to put them on your rolling pin or a small bottle/glass
to give them the curve

They get cooler really fast so you have to be quick to curve them,
don't burn yourself by rushing
- but when they get cooler, they get harder ! -

- you can put them in melted chocolate, and then in the fridge ;) -

Enjoy with ice cream or regular cream ;)


Stuffed Sole filets

Autumn is definitely here ! Weather got cooler, mushrooms are prolific.
It's also black truffle season coming, enjoy :)

Last night meal, first try of a "fish dish" from Vovoï's cookbook.
I wanted something light, I had to make a few changes to the recipe, but it was still delicious.

In this recipe, you have to "poach" the fish, there is two whole pages in Vovoï's cookbook about this technique, that I've resumed for you at the end of that post.

According to me, it was easy enough and pretty quick
15 minutes to prepare, 45 minutes to cook

   You will need :   
Sole filets
- 2 par personne -

cod fish filet, grated
- there wasn't any fresh ones -
1 or 2 truffles
- there wasn't any either :( -

a half pound of mushrooms for 2 person
a good white wine
- I took a burgandy Chablis -
Chopped parsley
- I used a dry mix of parsley + other herbs, like cilantro -
1 slice of old bread for 2 person
- 1 slice of regular white bread is ok  -
1 glass of hot milk 
- put the crumb of the bread in it -
1 tsbp of butter
- I replaced it with 1tbsp of heavy whipped cream -

Turn on the oven at 340°F 
- my translation of "medium" -

Start by cooking half of the mushrooms with the butter in a pan, on medium fire
- or the cream and the dry herbs -

Chop the parsley with the truffles and those mushrooms
Add the bread crumb that was in the milk 
- I added a hint of grated parmesan to that mix -

Display your sole filets on you chopping board and spread the stuffing you've made on them 
- put less of it on one of the end to roll them easily -

If you have some, use a string to keep them rolled.

- I have everything... but a regular string... - 

If you don't have any, no big deal, it works without !
They will slightly open during the cooking and it will be harder to serve them, that's all

Put them in a dish, in which you put the rest of your mushrooms and truffles, 
some salt and pepper and pour white wine at 1/4 of the filet, finish with the same amount of water
Your filet are half under liquid

Put it in the oven for 45 minutes

Serve with pastas and a glass of white wine
- I didn't have the right pastas, It goes well with rice, greens.... suggestions :) -

 - Even watching Fringe didn't disturb us from our meal ! -


To poach

Filet cooking has to be made at short boiling/broth "court-bouillon"with no boiling, 
that's the caracteristic of poaching. 
If it boils, filets will twist and distort.
The best way to cook them is to poach thm with butter only, with a few drops of lemon juice
- but that's too much butter -
So we use butter OR wine, diluted in water

For 4 filets of 0.8 oz each,
 Use 0.8oz of butter and 3 tbsp of water
Or 2tbsp of water for 1 tbsp of white wine

When the dish is in the oven, check on boiling signs, as soon as it begins, 
lower down the temperature to keep that short boiling and moderate the cooking



Regular cookies, flavoured cookies ready to eat

A lot a lot a lof of little cookies !

Lemon and poppyseed (Poppy!) 
- vanilla flavoured -

This is today's sweetness, I had in the freezer a half-cookie dough waiting to be used
I've cut it in four and made 4 kind of cookies to go with my crème patissière 
- the recipe will be here soon -

You can see the different flavours right here !

   You will need :   
- that I gave you already -
a frozen orange
- mise au congelateur -
poppy seeds and a lemon
unsweetened cocoa

Turn on the oven at 300°F
For the poppyseed + lemon flavoured, the easiest way is to add 1 tbsp of poppyseed in the flour, and some lemon juice with the egg.
For the orange flavoured ones, take the frozen orange and once your dough is done, grate the zest on the dough, mix it a bit and flatten the dough, it goes straight in the oven
For the chocolate ones, add the cocoa with the flour
For the marbled one, use the rest of the regular dough and what's left of the cocoa one, fold them together twice and flatten the dough.

Otherwise, you can add everything at the end, once your dough has been reserved in the fridge a bit. 
But you will probably need to add more flour when working the dough, otherwise it will stick on your hands and on the table. (especially the poppyseed-lemon one)

Flatten the dough to reach  3 à 4mm thick (0.1 to 0.15 inch), 
put in the oven on a tray for 13 to 18 minutes, 
depending on your cooking time preferences !

You cant taste them warm, just as they are, or with cream, yogourt, ice cream, a hot drink....

Out of butter already ?!

Oh, sure... that's why they are so good !


Crème anglaise - Light custard

In the basics family, here comes the crème anglaise ! (english cream)

A little sweetness for you, your guests and your desserts
(chocolate, fruits... everything actually) Its vanilla touch goes with everything...
I've put some in my yogurt and fresh berries this morning.... :p

For a correct amount (6 to 8 servings)
It takes around 20 minutes to make

  You will need :   
3 egg yolks
0.4 cup of sugar (3.2 oz. / 90gr)
- I put 1/3 cup of regular and 1 pack of vanilla sugar (12gr) -
10 fl oz. of milk (30cL)
- 2% reduced fat milk -
 2 fl oz. of heavy whipping cream (6cL)
1/2 vanilla bean, opened and grated
- or 2 tsp. vanilla extract -

In a wet casserole,
- so the milk won't stick the inner surface -
Put the milk, the cream and the vanilla bean/extract 
- that you have grated inside the milk of course -
Put it on medium/high temperature, until it boils
In the meantime, put the yolks and the sugar in a medium bowl and beat it until it gets creamy and white

Once the milk/cream is starting to boil, remove the vanilla bean,
 and pour the milk in the egg/sugar bowl, mix it
Once it's homogeneous, put everything back in the casserole on medium temperature
And mix it non-stop for 5 minutes with a wooden spoon
- it must not boil, or stick/cook on the inner surface, that's why it's important to mix it and keep it smooth -
After 5 minutes, it will be a bit thicker,
and you can pour it in a bowl while filtering it
Let it cool down
You can't keep it a long time in the fridge, so enjoy it :)

- on a chocolate cake topped with a raspberrie :) -