Marbled cake

I've done all the recipes from Vovoi's book, at least, those working :) I'm back in my cookbooks !

"Exquises pâtisseries pour les Fêtes" de Christophe Felder
Choice was rather hard, because all the recipes seem delicious... My first pick is the marbled cake chocolate & vanilla.
I've done this one for a few years now, it must figure on my blog.
To be sure I haven't changed anything in the recipe since I've been using it, I've checked everything one more time. I hadn't changed a thing !
As good as usual, I can eat humongous piece of it !

- Creamcheese and chocolate icing -

For 1 big cake, or 2 middle sized cake (8inch by 4)
  You will need :   
for the batter
2 eggs
2cup and 1tbsp of flour (9.7 oz / 275gr)
6.1 oz of unsalted, softened butter (16tbsp / 175gr)
- sout of the fridge 1hour in advance -
1 cup 1/2 granulated sugar (13.2 oz / 375gr )
8.5 fl.oz  half & half (25cL)
1tsp of baking powder (0.2 oz/5gr)
3/4tsp  salt

4tsp unsweetened cocoa (0.9oz/25gr) de cacao amer en poudre
1tbsp vanilla extract

Turn your oven on at 375°C

In his recipe, Christophe Felder says to mix everything in a robot with a tool for working dough...
I don't have any, so here is what I've done :
Stir by hand, with a wooden spoon doing fluid but quick moves, rising the dough. the butter with sugar and salt to have a creamy batter
Add the eggs and stir until homogeneous
Finally stir in the flour with the baking powder
You have a soft and homogeneous batter

Divide it in two equal halves, in the first one, whisk in the cocoa.
In the other one, whisk in the vanilla
Use a whisk or a spatula by doing quick moves : cut and rise the batterMélangez au fouet ou par mouvement rapide en coupant/soulevant avec une spatule

Butter and flour your cakepan
- Christophe Felder says to spread melted butter on it and cover them with a parchment paper -
Start by pouring a thin layer with the cocoa batter (1/2inch) Do the same with the vanilla one etc...
Don't go further than 2/3 of your cakepan, it will rise a lot during baking :)

Bake it 40 minutes, without opening the oven. Depending on your cakepan, it often goes to 50 minutes.
Check the cooking by inserting a pick or a clean smooth knife in the center, 
if it comes out clean, it's baked !

Let it cool down at room temperature before turning out.

Christophe Felder gives the recipe for a chocolate icing made of "vegetaline" since I don't have any and I don't even know where to buy it in California, I will explain a Chocolate & creamcheese icing.

Chocolate & creamcheese icing
   You will need :   
1oz unsweetened chocolate
0.75 oz unsweetened cocoa
2.8 oz creamcheese
3.5oz powdered sugar
2tsp vanilla extract
3tbsp half & half  or water
2 pinch of salt

Melt the chocolate in the microwave with 2tbsp of water
Soften the creamcheese with an electric beater for 2 minutes, mix in the cocoa, the vanilla and the melted chocolate at medium speed
Mix in the sugar and the salt little by little, go on medieum/high speed.
Add in some water or half and half to obtain the perfect consistancy 
to spread on the cake.

- so good -

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