Fruit Cake, just the way we love it


It's not the first time I'm doing this cake, I already loved it, and this time even more.
Really soft and tender, sweeter than the gingerbread.
Not much butter in it, I love to start the day with that kind of light sweetness :)

It's a breakfast or teatime cake :)

I made a few changed from Vovoï's recipe, but really small ones
For 1 cake (11inch long, 4inch wide)

   You will need :   
2.5 oz of dry raisins (brown ones) (70g)
2.5 oz of dry raisins (blond ones) (70g)
- smyrn et corynth -
2 oz of cranberries or cherries (60g)
- I used dry ones -
 Vovoï puts 3.5 oz of each raisins and 1.7 oz of fresh cherries, but cherry season is long over :)
3tbsp of rhum

5oz of white sugar (140g) and 1.8oz of brown sugar (50g)
-  she puts 7oz of white sugar -
3.5fl oz of milk (10cL)
- 1coffee cup -
1.8oz of butter (3.5tbsp / 50g)
8.8 oz of flour (250g)
1tsp and a half of baking powder 

Wash your fruits in water, dry them with a napkin 
and put them in a bowl with the rhum

Cover and let it rest for at least 1h

Turn the oven on at 370°F
Prepare your mold if needed
- if not silicone, you have to butter/flour it or put a parchment paper in it -

Beat the egg with sugars until it's lighter and foamy

Add the milk, blendAjoutez le lait et mélangez
Add the slightly melted butter
 - 20 secondes in the microwave, blend to make all the butter melt -
Blend to have a smooth and still a bit foamy cream

You can now add the flour and the baking powder, in 4 times, 
put in on the side and blend with a wooden spoon from the center

You dough is ready, you can put the raisins without drying them from the rhum,
but leave approximativly 2tbsp of the rhum in the bowl 
- you can put some flour on raisins (1 or 2 tbsp) to avoid them getting in the bottom of the mold, 
but if you put it straight in the already hot oven, you won't have this issue -

Pour quickly in the mold and put straight in the oven
My cooking time was of 55 minutes, it can be between 45 and 1h depending on your molds.
Check by inserting a smooth and clean knife in the middle of the cake, if it goes out clean, it's cooked !

Vovoï used a cookie box, with butterred paper on the inner surface, ahd she says it takes 1h to cook
but with my mold of 11inch long, 4inch wide, with a glass bottom and silicone borders,
it took me almost 1h too

PS : This squirrel is named Pynut !

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