Quiche with zucchinis, goat cheese and cumin !

For a 6 people quiche
   You will need:   
3 zucchinis
- 1lb -
2.8 oz of goat cheese
6 fl oz of milk (18cL)
2 eggs
salt, pepper, cumin (caraway) and ground nutmeg
- caraway can be replaced by saffron -
4 tbsp of fresh grated parmegianno

Do a shortcrust dough and add to it 2 pinch of salt, 1tbsp of parmegiano, 
2 pinch of caraway and 1 pinch of nutmeg with the flour

Turn on the oven at 425°F
Flatten your dough, put it in your pie pan, 
sting it with a fork 4 or 5 times at equal distance from each other
Put it in the oven for 4 minutes
Let it cool down a bit outside the oven
- By doing that, you won't have a flabby dough at the end of the cooking -
Wash and peel your zucchinis to create stripes, 
cut them in thin slices and place them carefully on your pre-baked crust 

Beat the eggs with a fork with 2 pinch of salt, then add the goat cheese
and stir it to get an homogeneous cream
Add the cold milk, 2 pinch of cumin and 1 pinch of nutmeg, whisk.

Pour that sauce on your zucchinis to fill up your quiche :
be careful to not pour it under the dough, it would make the flabby crust

Spread parmegian on the top with some pepper

Put in the oven and lower down the temperature at 375°F, let it cook 35 to 40 minutes
Turn off the oven and let it 15 more minutes in it

Bon appetite :)

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