PPoppy who ?

My name is Pauline Prideaux Debuisson, newly wed (Pauline Brès), I live now in the San Francisco Bay Area where I keep working as a freelance graphic designer/illustrator.

Parisian girl, my grand-mother gave me the opportunity to learn a lot on french cooking art (Roxane Debuisson). She introduced me to amazing people from everywhere, and some of them belonged to the french gastronomy world. 
I also had the chance to follow cooking classes at l'École du Ritz Escoffier
 - the cooking school of the Ritz Hôtel in Paris - 
I've been invited to observe and visit luxury hotel's kitchen (Le Bristol, Le George V...) with comments and explanation from the pastry Chefs :) amazing memories ...

Living in the States, where some french produce can be hard to find. I'll do my best to find substitutes of those or to find shops selling those and I'll share these informations with you.

I hope you'll like as much as I do the recipes and the pictures/drawings I'll post, and that I'll be useful for beginner cooks as for advanced ones !

Let's cook !

to contact me : pp.poppy@free.fr

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