Pâte brisée - Shortcrust dough

This dough is the most common one, she is used in many dishes and can be flavoured with herbs or spices just as you like it.
According to me, some oregano and basilic are perfect for a "quiche" or a salted tart.
For a sugar pie/tart you can add cinammon (1tsp), sugar (2tsp), or vanilla (1tsp) for example :)

Here is our family recipe, same as everywhere else

1/2 cup of butter (4,4oz / 125gr)
(salted or unsalted depending on what you want to do)
- out of the fridge 40 minutes before -

a bit less than 2 cup of flour (8,8oz / 250gr)
- add the herbs or spices in it -
(1 stick of butter for 1cup 3/4 flour)

5cL of cool water (1,7 fl oz)
(pour que ça ne colle pas aux doigts)

In a recipient, put the butter and add the flour :
use your thumbs to push the flour in the butter, the dough with become sand by itself.
Once it's homogene (no piece of butter left alone), add the water to thehat sand,
and make your dough drink it, you can hold now it in your hand.
- use some more flour if it's too sticky, or more water if it's too sandy, but it should be the perfect proportions -

It shouldn't take your more than ten minutes, it's ready to use.
If it's still too sticky it's because your butter is too soft,
put it in a plastic film and leave it in the fridge for 20 minutes or so,
it will be easier to flatten it.

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