Tuiles - Almond biscuit

This morning I heard the news : a couple of skydiver having sex while jumping,
A video was shown... amazing to hear something like that on the news !
Well it made me laugh, poor couple :) 
I was actually thinking of doing a drawing of skydiving with a tuile as a parachute,

It seems even more appropriate ...

- with the tuiles recipe -

The "tuiles", are commonly almond flavoured 
- as shown above -

They are delicious with an icecream,
and a good way to use eggwhites
Really crusty, with a nice taste of sugar

Here is Vovoï's recipe

   You will need :   
1 eggwhite or 3tbsp. of heavy whipping cream
1.5oz of white sugar (40gr)
a small 1/4 cup of flour (1oz/30gr)
3tbsp of sliced almonds
A frozen orange

Turn on the oven at 430°F
Mix the cream with the sugar, it has to be a bit foamy,
- or the eggwhite -
then you can add the flour, 
When you have a nice and creamy mix, add small and thin slices of the frozen orange
To finish, add the sliced almonds, and mix carefully so they won't break too much

Prepare a parchment paper on your tray, and put a nutsize of that preparation for each tuile,
Use a fork to flatten it as much as you can, using the almonds to make it flatter

The almonds allows them to be flat, otherwise they would be biscuits.

- I had some issues at first, Vovoï didn't say to put any almonds in it -

Put them in the oven for 15 minutes, they have to be gold everywhere
Then, use a spatula to put them on your rolling pin or a small bottle/glass
to give them the curve

They get cooler really fast so you have to be quick to curve them,
don't burn yourself by rushing
- but when they get cooler, they get harder ! -

- you can put them in melted chocolate, and then in the fridge ;) -

Enjoy with ice cream or regular cream ;)

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