Langue de chat - Cat's biscuit

How to get rid of eggwhites...
There is the financier, some salted apetizers, the tuiles, the cigarettes and the langues de chat !
My favourite one is the financier, which a almond flavoured,
but those little biscuits can be pretty good
with a lot of various way to eat them

It's a really easy recipe, here is the basic one, 
you can multiply it depending on the number of eggwhites you have

   You will need :   
0.8fl oz Heavy whipping cream (2,5cL)
1.4 oz of white sugar (40gr)
1.4 oz of flour (40gr)
1 eggwhite
drops of vanilla extract

Turn on your oven at 360°F

Mix the cream with the sugar and the vanilla, until it's smooth and foamy
add the flour in 2 times, mix well everytime
Beat the eggwhites until stiff and add them in 2 times

Put small teaspoon of that mix on a buttered tray,
give them a long oval shape
- 0.6 to 0.8inch wide to 1.6inch long -
Let it cook for 12 to 16 minutes depending on your taste, they will flatten
the edges will turn gold but the heart will stay white

Let it cool on a grill

Keep them in an hermetic box or plastic bag, with not much air
after they cooled down completely


Suggestions : 
Grated chocolate on the top when they are out of the oven
Dip them in melted chocolate once they are cool
Orange or lemon flavour instead of vanilla
Add 1tsp of unsweetened cocoa with the flour
Add 1tsp of coconut with the cream


Enjoy !

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