Murder in Menlo Park

It's Halloween !

For this theme, a bloody cake :)

"Biscuit pour gateau au chocolat" Vovoi©

I had planned on doing this cake for Halloween, the biscuit is a soft lady fingers kind of recipe
Multi-layer cake with a chocolate cream, but it could be with many different fillings.
It was my first try and it made us think about how to enhance it.
I've chosen this shape to stab it, but it can be flatter and have any shape you want.

   You will need :    
for the biscuit
3 eggs
8oz of sugar (225gr)
7.1oz of flour (200gr)
2.4 fl oz of water (7cL)

for the chocolate cream
3.5 oz of chocolate (100gr)
0.35 oz of butter (10gr)
1.7 fl oz of milk (5cL)

for the exterior
the rest of the chocolate cream
1.7 fl oz of water (5cL)
- or milk -
0.7 oz of grated unsweetened chocolate (20 gr)
- for topping -

for the homemade raspberrie coulis, sauce
7,1 oz of frozen raspberries (200gr)
1tbsp of sugar
1/2 tsp of vanilla extract
2.4 fl oz of water (7cL)

Making the biscuit the day before:
Separe the eggwhites and the yolks, reserve the eggwhites in the fridge with a pinch of salt,
Mix the yolks with the sugar to obtain a clear homogeneous cream,
mix for 5 minutes at least with a wooden spoon
- as shown on the picture -

Turn on the oven at 300°C
Add the flour, stir and incorporate the water
- to soften the dough -

Beat the eggwhites until stiff, incorporate them in 3 times

Cooking the biscuit
Pour in a buttered mold and let it cook for 50 minutes to 70 minutes,
check the cooking by inserting a clean and smooth knife in it, it must come out clean
Turn off the oven, let the cake inside until cooled down

Home made raspberrie sauce
Put in a small casserole the raspberries with the sugar for 3 minutes at medium heat, stir it
then lower the heat for 7 minutes, stir in the water in 3 times 
- after 2 minutes, 5 minutes et 8 minutes -

Mix it with a blender if it's not smooth enough,
Filter it by squeezing the pulp to remove the pips
Set aside in the fridge

The day after, build the cake
Do the chocolate cream by putting in a casserole the chocolate with the butter
and the milk at medium heat for 2 minutes, and then at low heat for 5 more minutes
When it's smooth and homogeneous, set aside and let it cool down in the casserole.
Cut your cake by layers of 0.4 inch thick with a big knife
Give it the shape you want, put between the layers the chocolate cream 
or what you have decided to put in it
- buttercream, custard, jam or nutella ? -

Once your cake has all its layers, do the frosting
Warm up the rest of the chocolate cream by adding the 5cL of water left
- to liquify it a bit - 
Pour in a bowl and let it cool down in the fridge for 30 minutes
Use a spatula or a flat instrument to spread it on the outside of the cake
Top it with grated unsweetened chocolate

You can eat it right away with the raspberrie sauce, or put it in the fridge
You can conserve it pretty well


Pour some liquor or syrup on the biscuit while assembling the cake
Alternate fruits layers and chocolate layers instead of full chocolate


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