Fruit "crust", apple and rhubarb, apple and raspberrie !

I promessed I would post this one, took me a bit longer to to do it as I wanted :)
But at least you have many flavors :)

For 6 people
   You will need :   
For the crust
1.5 cup of flour (7oz / 200gr)
0.6 cup of brown sugar (5.3 oz / 150 gr)
3/4 cup of butter (3.5oz / 100gr / 7.5tbsp)
2tsp of honey
- or 2tsp of grounded cinnamon -
a hint of water

Rhubarb and apples
7oz. of peeled rhubarb
6 regular-sized apples
- I had braeburn -

Raspberries and apples
7oz of frozen raspberries
1.7 fl oz of water(1/5 cup / 5cL) d'eau
1 tsp of lemon juice
6 regular sized apples
- I had braeburn -

For the rhubarb, a few hours before :
Wash and peel the rhubarb, cut it in dice and put it in a bowl with 2tbsp of brown sugar, 
Stir it and set aside in the fridge
- this is how you remove water from the rhubarb -
After 2 hours, remove the water, blend it again and add more sugar if needed,
leave it one more hour in the fridge

For the raspberries :
Put the raspberries with the water in a caserole at low heat to unfreeze them,
 crush them with a wooden spoon to make a sauce
When they are soft and crushed, turn it off and add the lemon juice

Turn on the oven at 450°F
Wash and peel the apples, cut them in dice
Put in your glass-dish, or your ramequin one layer of apple
Spread some brown sugar on it,
\\ then you put the rhubarb if you've chosen that flavour //
Put another layer of apple
\\ pour the raspberrie sauce on the top if you've chosen that flavour //

Blend the flour and the sugar with the butter with your finger, just like to do a cookie dough
Add the honey and a hint of water to make a dough
Flatten it on a floured parchment paper to have 0.2 inch of thickness
Turn over on your fruits, cut the edges and make some holes with a fork

Put it in the oven for 5 minutes, then lower the heat at 360°F for 35 minutes
Turn off the oven and let it 5 more minutes

Let it cool down 10 minutes out of the oven, eat it warm :)

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