Allumettes au fromage - cheese matches

One of the first recipe I've tried from the book ! Occasions to enjoy them aren't rare, appetizers, buffet, snacks... They go really well with all kind of beverages (especially alcoohol ones)

- Here is the recipe in my g.grand-mother Vovoï cookbook -

Crusty, extremely light (in hands ;)), for cheese lovers !
A half pâte feuilletée will make more than 20 allumettes, 0.4 inch wide

   You will need :   
1 pâte feuilletée at "4 tours", salted
thin-shredded cheese
- That's it! -
1 egg yolk delayed in 1sp. of water

Do the last two "tours" of your pâte feuilletée by
displaying shredded cheese on the flattened dough, before folding
- you will have to display cheese twice, once for each folding -
Once you've reached 6 "tours",
put it back 15 min. in the fridgein its plastic film.

Turn on the oven at 430°F

You can now flatten the dough on your floured-work space.
Do a long strip of dough, from 4 to 4.7 inch wide (10-12cm),
and 0,15 to 0.19 inch thick (4-5 mm )

With a fresh and smooth knife,
cut the dough in strips of 0.4 to 1.2 inch wide (1-3cm), as you like
- strips are 0.15 to 0.19 wide (1 à 3cm) and 4 to 4.7 inch (10 à 12cm) -
trick : cut the border of the dough so it will raise well

Put the strips on a a cooking tray, or in a dish with edges
Each one apart from the others of 1.2 inch

Use a brush to gold them with the yolk delayed in a bit of water
- you can add 1 tsp. of nutmeg in it -
display shredded cheese on it

Put it in the oven a dozen of minutes, they have to be really golden.

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