Gougères - Cheese Puff

They have so much success when I have guests... and they are so easy to make !
Classic french appetizer, suits champagne perfectly
(I might try with some bacon in it)

Follow the recipe of the pâte à choux,
I precise in it the moment where your choux will become gougères
You have your bowl, full of warm dough, your eggs have been well mixed in it,
your dough is soft and light, 
Add 1tsp of nutmeg, another dash of salt, and a handful of shredded cheese 
- I add the shredded parmeggiano from Trader's Joe -
Mix it well !

Then you can go back to the pâte à choux recipe, you make nut-shaped puff with the dough, 
and before putting the tray in the oven, add some more cheese on the top of them so they will have a really nice aspect and color.

Cooking time is the same as in the pâte à choux recipe, remove them carefully from the wax paper and you can enjoy them while they are still warm.

I always have some in the freezer, put them in ziplocs, well closed and when you want to use them, 
take them out in a dish, for a half an hour, then 5 minutes in the oven at low temperature
 to warm them up, they will be ready to eat in no time.

Bon appetit :p 

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