Breakfast of the world Challenge !

The results of the Breakfast of the World Whallenge have been published !

My French citrus crêpes got the 1st place !

Thank you so much to all the judges and the generous sponsor for this challenge !
You can see the all the challengers here !

That was my first contest :)


  1. Dear Poppy, congratulations on your win at the Breakfasts of the World Challenge!! I was partecipating too! I like your recipe a LOT! I just love crepes and yours are absolutely fantastic! I like your blog too, with very interesting recipes. I've read you are french but living in the Bay Area! great, do you live in SF? I spent a couple of months there ten years ago, to study english.. love that city! Ciao from Franesca - Bologna, Italy

    1. Thank you Francy ! I didn't expect to win it seemed like such a simple breakfast compared to the others !
      I like your blog too... ok I love it, some recipe are really different from what I'm used too ! I laughed outloud when I saw the human-cookies xD
      I've been in the Bay area for a few months, almost a year ! We are not living in SF anymore, but near Palo Alto (Menlo Park to be accurate) I like living here but I'm rather alone and I'm not working yet, so... cooking baking cooking :D