Wine tasting near Carmel

During our Thanksgiving trip, we stopped at a few different places that I will talk about in another post.
Christmas is coming and we found that delicate Dessert wine that would go very well with Foie gras or with dessert :)
Let me tell you the story... We were in Carmel, had spent the day wandering in the town (really cute town) and we had found cheese in the cutest listtle shop, that did cheese tasting :-) As french people, we bought a few cheese and decided to have a dinner made of cheese, bread and wine. 
After a long walk, we finally found some bread in a bakery, but we were out of wine. It was already 7pm, dark, cold, and it had started raining. On our way back to the Inn, we passed by "The Bountiful Basket" it seemed cute, cosy and another couple was already in. It was a wine and olive oil shop. 
And they did wine tasting ! So we went in, sat, and did the wine tasting :)

The Bountiful Basket, is a shop/wine tasting place, with a cute wood counter, 
high stools and a really nice atmosphere.
- can't say the same of their website -
The owner was friendly, we didn't learn a lot on the wine itself but on the business. 
So we trusted our guts on the wines.

We had a few reds and whites from Joyce winery, not great ones... and rather expensive ! There was 3 dessert wines, the first one is our favorite, it reminded us of the Sauternes (the foie gras wine, really sweet) his name is Angelica. We were seduced by its frutty taste, but still pretty strong. We could almost drink it with appetizers. So we bought some :)

19% alcohol), they have 4 or 5 different flavors
Its name is PasoPort, they have worked on labels with a designer, I kinda like them... old school :)
We also bought 2 other bottles for gifts, and a bad red wine for our cheese of course.

If you go there, try to avoid the Joyce wines :) 
But if you really love Zinfandel wines, I guess they are ok.

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